Welcome to Vierumaki

Notes for all our visitors

We are on hand to serve you throughout your stay. On this page, you can find useful contact information and instructions on how to reach us. The staff at our sales service and reception points are happy to assist in addressing any questions related to arrangements for your stay. We look forward to seeing you at Vierumäki.

Visitors coming for a fitness course or holiday

You can find more information on your course or holiday on its dedicated page.

Independent holidaymakers

Whether you have booked accommodation at Vierumäki or are on a day trip, you can read more about the activities available for independent visitors here. More information on DIY holidays for families can be found here. If the main goal of your holiday is to unwind, why not see what our Day Spa has to offer?

Groups and conference visitors

All the important links for groups can now be found in one convenient location – read more here. On our website, you can get familiar with our services in advance, including the restaurants and their menus, entertainment offerings, diverse fitness activities, and meeting facilities.

Athletes and coaches

Whether you are coming to Vierumäki to train with a team or on your own, you might want to read more about our sports facilities and coaching services before your visit. Vierumäki’s Sport and Fitness Clinic offers an extensive range of services, including testing and analysis services.

How to reach us

Lying only 25 km north of Lahti, Vierumäki has a convenient location in the centre of Southern Finland. It is surrounded by vast forests and set amidst rolling terrain and lakes. The closest municipal services can be found in nearby Heinola, around 12 km away. Nearly 3.5 million Finns live within 130 km of Vierumäki.

By car:

Address: Urheiluopistontie 400, Vierumäki

Arriving from the south

When coming from the south on the motorway (E75), take exit 21. As the exit ramp is a winding one, your car will be pointing towards the south when you reach the top of the ramp. Take a left turn when coming off the ramp. When you come to a crossroads with a STOP sign just beyond a shop, continue straight ahead. Drive about three kilometres along the Vuolenkoski road and you will see signs for the Sport Institute of Finland on your left.

Arriving from the north

When coming from the north, follow the signs along the motorway for junction 21 in the direction of Vierumäki, about 12 kilometres after Heinola. Continue until you reach the Vuolenkoskentie crossroads, from which you can follow the same route as visitors coming from the south.

By train or bus:

There are daily buses from Lahti to the Sport Institute. You can hop on bus 88 either at the Lahti Travel Centre or by the Market Square, near the railway station. You can check both weekday and weekend timetables online. In addition to bus 88, you can take bus 89 to the Vierumäki exit ramp or centre. The timetables are available at www.lsl.fi. If you are travelling from the north, you can take a bus to Heinola and catch one of the daily buses to Vierumäki from there.


The railway does not run all the way to Vierumäki, but you can easily change to a bus at the Lahti Travel Centre. There is a bus stop in front of Vierumäki Resort Hotel. Vierumäki reception staff are at your service at the Vierumäki Resort Hotel.