Contact details and DNHL Games info

Vierumäki Reception

Located at Vierumäki Resort Hotel

Phone +358 10 5777 030
Monday-Thursday and Saturday at 7:00am-10:00pm, Friday 7:00am – 11:00pm, Sunday at 8:00am-8:00pm

The Leader of the DNHL 2018 Games

Mr. Hannu Nurminen, Lahti City Hospital
+358 400 284 153

DNHL Leading Team

Hannu Nurminen
Ville Hautala
Arild Johansen
Tuomo Järvinen

Competation secretary

Kati Heinonen, Lahti City Hospital

DNHL Presidium Contact Person

Arild Johansen
Tel. +479 15 23460

Vierumäki Contact Persons

Ville Hautala
Tel. +358 500 560 542

Tuomo Järvinen
Tel. +358 40 733 0316

Jury & Protest Committee

Arild Johansen, chairman
Tel. +479 15 23460

Lars Göran Bengtsson, secretary
Tel. +46 7363 97188

Hannu Nurminen
Tel. +358 400 284 153

Ville Hautala
Tel. +358500 560 542

Protest Committee Procedures

At every game there shall be a protest committee consisting of three persons. These are appointed by DNHL. The secretary work of the protest committee is to be taken care of by the DNHL Secretary.

The decision by the Protest committee cannot be appealed unless it is contrary to the DNHL’s laws and competition rules.

The protest committee is handling and taking measures to the protests received, that could not be resolved by the discipline leadership of the organizer.

The protest committee has to be collected for the decision within 30 minutes after the protest is delivered. At this meeting the discipline leadership of the organizer has to be consulted.

Protests must be submitted no later than 15 minutes after the incident occurred, along with a fee of 10 EURO. These will be refunded if the protest is accepted.

Information about the protest committee must be in the program.

All costs in connection with the work of the protest committee are to be paid by the organizer.

Competition rules

You can find the competition rules below (link).