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De Nordiske Hospitals Lege (DNHL) in Vierumäki 14.-17.6.2017

Welcome to the DNHL 2018 Games!



  • Event organization and management, competition office (Vierumäki Resort Hotel lobby)
  • Free entrance to Vierumäki swimming hall 15th and 16th of June
  • Gift for participants
  • Welcome party on June 14th (Ballroom), light buffet, drink coupon and Lahti city hospital BAND
  • Closing party on June 16th (Vierumäki Areena), three course dinner, 2 drinks coupon and LIVE band

Dates, deadlines and registration

Make your registration for DNHL 2018 by using this REGISTRATION LINK

Registration dead line is 31st of January 2018. By that date, all participants must be notified!

Arrangement fee 193€/person will be invoiced by Vierumäki per associations (hospitals) after that deadline. One invoice 193€/person, where is two due dates

  • 50€/person –> must be paid 31st of January 2018. No refund from this payment at all.
  • 143€/person –> must be paid by 31st of March 2018

Example for registration
If you want to register for example 50 persons to DNHL

  • Use that link and register 50 person, deadline 31st of January 2018
  • Vierumäki sends you an invoice and you need to pay 50 person x 50€ = 2 500€ immediately.
  • By 31st of March 2018 you need to pay the rest 143€/person
  • If you have for example 5 cancellations, then you need to pay 45 x 143€ = 6 435€

To secure both organizer and participating club, the following applies:

– The organizer has right to retain first payment 50€ per participant (dead line 31st of January 2018).
–  When a final registration and payment (143€ per participant) is made (31st of March 2018) the organizer, up to 21 days before the event (24th of May 2018), organizer has the right to retain 150 NKR / 16€ per participant that is withdrawing

– If cancellations are given in the period 21 days to 7 days before the event (24th of May 2018 – 7th of June 2018), the organizer has right to retain 75% of the costs 1 007 NKR / 107€
– If cancellations are given after 7th of June, the organizer has right to retain the entire cost – no refund