Sport activities and timetable (preliminary) - UPDATED 18.5.2018

Sports timetable is provisional.


Arena: Start/finish athletics field. Route goes around Vierumäki woods
Date: Friday, 13 am
Categories: Men, women 3km, 5km
Sport registration fee: 600€/10 person and 10€/person after this. Now we have 8 competitors. With this amount price 75€/person.


Arena: Start/finish athletics field. Route goes around Classic golf course
Date: Friday 10.10 am mix relay 200m+400m+800m+1500m, Friday 10.30 pm M/W 10km.  Saturday 10 am M/W 5km, Saturday 12 pm ½-marathon.
Categories: Men, women 5 km, 10km, relay mix 200m+400m+800m+1500m (at least 2 women in team)
Sport registration fee: 5km, 10km, 21km 25€, relay 40€/team

Vierumäki Triathlon

Arena: Start Swimming Hall / finish athletics field.
400m swimming in Swimming Hall, 15km biking with Vierumäki bikes, 5km running.
Date: Friday 12 am, start in Swimming hall.
NOTE Pick up your mountain bike before swimming from Sport Hall!! And leave your bike to Sport Hall after competition.
Categories: Men, women
Sport registration fee: 75€/person


Arena: Sport Hall, 3 court (Taraflex mat)
Date: Friday 10 am women, 16.50 pm men. Saturday 9 am mix, 2 pm mix semifinals, 3 pm mix finals
Categories: Men, women, mixed
Sport registration fee: 160€/team


Arena: Sport Hall (Taraflex mat)
Date: Friday 9:00 am
Categories: Single, double, mixed
Registration fee: Single 30€, double/mixed 40€

Table tennis

Arena: Sport Hall court number 4 (2 table)
Date: Friday 2.00 pm
Categories: Single, double
Registration fee: Single 25€, double 35€


Arena: Vierumäki Hall
Date: Saturday starting at 9:30 am
Categories: Single, double
Registration fee: Single 45€, double 85€

If the weather is okay, games outside. In bad weather games inside


Arena: Cooke golf Course (Host of European Challenge Tour tournament 2016 & 2018)
Date: Shot gun-start on Friday 14:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am.
Note: Soup lunch available on Friday 12.00 pm for golf players, Golf Pavilion (Golf Club house)
Categories: Two rounds tournament, M/W single hcp strokeplay, team M/W 3 players hcp strokeplay. Teams need to be announce in advance!
Maximum result / hole is par +5. If your result is par 5 hole 12 stroke, your result is anyway 10. With this way playing is faster and everybody will get final result.
Registration fee: 135€ – including golf and light meal on Friday at 12:00 pm


Arena: Clay court
Date: Friday 9:00 am single, 11.30 am double, 13.30 pm triple. Saturday 9.00 am single semifinals, 9.45 am double semifinals, 11.00 triple semifinals, 13.00 pm single finals, 14.00 pm double finals, 15.30 triple finals.
Categories: Single, double, triple
Registration fee: Single 25€, double 40€, triple 55€


Arena: Bowling hall in Vierumäki Resort Hotel (downstairs)
Date: Friday 9:00 am M/W single, double. Saturday 10:00 am mixed.
Categories: Single, Men/women double, mix team
Registration fee: single 35€ + team 10€, mixed 30€

All classes are played over six series, European way of playing. Mens and womens teams played while individual competition on Friday.  Mixed played separately on Saturday.


Arena: Vierumäki Arena (court 2 & 3, Pulastic mat)
Date: Friday 9:00 am men, women, 13:30 pm mix. Saturday 9:00 am men, women medal games
Categories: Women, men, mixed
Registration fee: 160€/team


Arena: Sporthall, (court 1 & 2, Taraflex mat)
Date: Saturday 10:30 am women, men
Categories: Men, women
Registration fee: 160€

Air Riffle Shooting

Arena: Vierumäki Arena shooting room
Date: Saturday 1:00 pm
Categories: Men, women, team of 3
Registration fee: Single 20€, double 40€

Guns from Vierumäki.


Arena: Artificial turf (2 court)
Date: Friday 10:00 am men, women. Saturday 10:00 am men, women medal games, 11:00 mix
Categories: Men, women, mix
Formation: 7-a-side (one goalkeeperer and 6 player, unlimited substitutes)
Registration fee: 160€

Beach volley

Arena: Beach volley court (2 court)
Date: Saturday 13:30 pm
Categories: Mens, womens, mixed
Registration fee: 50€

Minimum number of teams in each category:  3
If the minimum number of teams is not met, March 31st 2018, this competition will be cancelled and Vierumäki does not send invoice about this. Vierumäki informs the teams.


Check this video and find out what kind of FUN game is Mölkky!

Arena: Clay court
Date: Saturday 1:00 pm
Categories: Single, double
Registration fee: Single 20€, double 30€


Sport registration fees will be invoiced by Vierumäki per association / hospitals during May 2018

All place of performances are located in Vierumäki Sport institute area. No transportation needed!
Vierumäki staff, local athletics club and Lahti City Hospital personal club will take care of all sport events.