Training conditions

With accommodation, dining premises, and training facilities all within a convenient distance of each other, Vierumäki ensures that you can move from one location to another easily on foot. This enables you to create an efficient schedule for your training camp without having to use valuable time just for getting around.

The Vierumäki Ice Arena

The two ice rinks at the Ice Arena and off-ice training facilities together form the core of our training facilities for figure skaters. Ice rink 1 at the Ice Arena has a fixed screen for visually assisted analysis of skating technique. The screen is equipped with connections for tablet computers and video cameras. The Ice Arena also features portable mirrors on wheels, which can be used at the ice rinks or our off-ice training facilities. Both ice rinks offer the possibility of recording performances from a higher level. This allows synchronised skating teams to gain maximum benefit from their training sessions.

In addition to the Ice Arena’s two indoor ice rinks, there is an outdoor rink next to the arena, which is in use in the winter, weather permitting. The Ice Arena is open daily at 7am–10pm.

Off-ice training facilities

Developing one’s figure-skating skills also requires a versatile off-ice training programme. At Vierumäki, there are dance halls at both the Ice Arena and the ballgames hall. In addition to sound systems, both facilities have wood flooring, mirrors, and ballet barres. In addition, these facilities are suitable for exercises for mobility and muscle care, along with other gymnastics training.

Physical training

With its running tracks and indoor courts, the Sports Hall offers the best possible facilities for improving physical fitness. It also boasts a versatile gym where the Finnish Figure Skating Association conducts its testing sessions. The running track has light cells to make the testing of speed easier. Hurdles and other training equipment are also available at the Sports Hall. In addition, the hall has a TRX suspension training harness for exercises designed to improve body control. In summer, the outdoor athletic field offers a highly suitable venue for off-ice training. In addition, the arena’s courts serve as an ideal setting for versatile physical training.

Training in technique

The gymnastics hall is an ideal setting for honing one’s technique. Its floor is made of a soft and bouncy material that is well suited to gymnastic floor exercises and figure skaters’ jump-technique training. This soft floor makes a perfect surface for enhancing body control and improving speed strength via leaping exercises. With its trampoline and other apparatus, the hall is also suitable for training in artistic gymnastics.

Fitness training

Vierumäki offers excellent training facilities for improving physical fitness levels both indoors and outdoors. In addition to the indoor running track, jogging trails traversing beautiful natural surroundings provide an inspiring setting for training. With its artificial turf, the football pitch is ideal for skaters’ interval training. The springy surface is easy on the feet, helping to prevent injuries.