About Flowpark

Flowpark is an ecological adventure theme park where you can put your wits and fitness to the test. Our adventure courses have been built with live trees, doing no harm to the trees. You can negotiate various obstacles in the treetops, at heights of up to 20 metres. The tasks are high-ropes courses that feature swinging bridges, zip wires, swings, and lianas. Flowpark is targeted at people older than six who have an adventurous streak, and it is guaranteed to offer fun challenges to newbies and old hands alike!

You do not need prior experience to go on Flowpark’s adventure courses. Our staff will instruct you in the use of the equipment and the correct procedures before you venture onto the courses themselves. Each visitor has to complete a test course before embarking on the adventure. You will be attached to a safety wire at all times on the courses.

Entrance to Flowpark is free, and you can walk on all marked footpaths in the park area. To join our treetop adventure, you need to buy a ticket, which allows you to borrow all of the necessary equipment.

To ensure a safe and pleasant experience, please follow these instructions:

 Before buying a ticket, read the adventure park’s safety rules carefully. The rules are available at the park’s ticket sales point. Should you wish to fill in the form in advance, you can find a printable version of the rules online. Under-18s need a parent or other guardian’s permission to go on the adventure courses.

 Buy a wristband at the park’s ticket sales point. The wristband has the entry date on it and is valid until you return the equipment and exit the park area. It entitles you to use all the climbing equipment you will need on our adventure courses. It is forbidden to take the equipment out of the park area.

– Put on the kit in accordance with the instructions and model provided for you. Wait for our staff to take you for a safety briefing and onto the test course. After listening to the instructions, go through the test course, using the equipment as advised.

– When the instructor is certain that you know how to use the equipment properly, you may venture onto the adventure courses. Start with the easiest one, and move on to the more challenging courses only when you are sure you can cope with them.

– Check the height limits for the courses. If you are shorter than 150 cm, you can only go on the green and blue courses – your height does not allow you to manage the more demanding courses.

 When on a course, always have at least one of the safety lines attached to the safety wire.

– No more than three people may be on a platform at the same time. Only two people at one time are allowed to use the activities between the platforms, and there must be at least three metres between people. If the course is busy, wait your turn before entering the space.

 After completing the adventure courses, return the equipment to the place from which you collected it. 

– If you need assistance or encouragement, or if you have questions, turn to our staff. We are more than happy to help!