FAQ - Flowpark

1. Do I need to have climbing experience to go on Flowpark’s adventure courses?

No, you don’t need prior climbing experience. Learning to use the equipment is easy, and our staff instruct all of our visitors in its use before they go on the courses. Additionally, all visitors must complete a test course, using the equipment correctly, before being allowed on the other courses.

2. Is it safe to climb on the courses?

As any exercise does, the courses involve some risks. With effective safety systems and procedures, the risks can be minimised. The construction of the courses and all operations of Flowpark comply with the Finnish Standards Association’s SFS 15567-1 and 15567-2, which specify the safety standards for the structures and safety requirements for adventure courses and their operation requirements. The condition of the courses is inspected regularly. We use climbing equipment with well-respected brand names and check the equipment after every use. When you follow the safety rules and instructions given to you, you can climb on the courses without any concerns.

3. If only some members of the family want to go on the courses, is there something for the others to do?

Entry to the park is free. You only have to buy a ticket if you want to go on the courses, as this allows you to borrow the climbing equipment. Other members of the group can walk on the footpaths – for example, filming the aerial adventures of their friends and family. Cheering and encouraging are certain to be appreciated by the family members swinging in the treetops, so you won’t get bored even on the ground!

4. Can I use my own climbing equipment in the park?

No – we regret that you may not. Flowpark is responsible for ensuring that all climbing equipment used meets the safety criteria. For your own safety, we cannot allow the use of any other equipment than our own, which undergoes regular quality checks.

5. What should I wear?

Appropriate clothing depends on the weather. The adventure courses are in use in all conditions from hot summer days to subzero temperatures and in both dry and rainy weather. We recommend that you wear outdoor clothing that is suitable for the weather and either flat-soled outdoor shoes or trainers. It is also advisable to wear gloves. You can buy a pair of gloves for a reasonable price at the ticket sales point. Don’t wear high-heeled shoes or loose garments such as scarves that could get caught in the structures of the course. Long hair must be kept tied back . You don’t need to bring any special equipment. Though they are unlikely to get very dirty, your clothes may still get stained by the course structures or the live trees they are built on, so we recommend not wearing clothing that is very sensitive or difficult to clean.

6. What if I don’t dare continue on the courses or I get too tired to continue?

If your strength or courage fails you in the middle of a course, you will remain suspended in your safety harness. On most courses, you can pull yourself forward along the safety wire to the next platform, from which you can carry on. If, however, you can’t haul yourself forward, you can call out to one of our staff, who will then come and help you to the ground safely with a rope.

7. Can I have a stag or hen do at Flowpark?

Yes, you can, as long as everyone going on the adventure courses is sober. Climbing while under the influence of alcohol is forbidden, as is drinking in the Flowpark area, even if you are not going on the courses. Any toasts to the bride- or bridegroom-to-be should be saved for later in the festivities.

8. How much time should I set aside for a visit to Flowpark?

The time needed for a visit depends on how many courses you want to go on and how long it takes you to complete them. In most cases, two or three hours gives you enough time to go through most of the courses. If you wish to get just a little taste of the adventure courses, an hour or a little longer should suffice, but some of our clients have been happy to spend the whole day in the park. After a day here, you certainly know you’ve had some exercise!

9. Can I have a picnic at Flowpark?

Yes, you can. We have rest areas where you can eat your own food and observe the bustle in the treetops. You can also buy light snacks and drinks, at FlowCafé. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the park, even if you are not planning to go on the adventure courses. Please, place all packaging from your picnic items and any other rubbish in a rubbish bin. Help us keep the park tidy.

10. What kind of permission do under-18s need from their parents?

For safety reasons, we require all visitors under age 18 to present permission to go on the adventure courses. In practical terms, this means that a parent or other guardian has to read the safety rules and sign a copy of them. Those 13–18 years of age may come to Flowpark without a supervisor but must bring a copy of the safety rules signed by a guardian. A printable version of the rules is available here.