Levels of difficulty and restrictions

The courses’ levels of difficulty and height limits

Our adventure courses have been colour coded on the basis of their difficulty.

Green: Easy   visitor height > 120 cm

Blue: Fairly easy   visitor height > 120 cm

Red: Moderately difficult   visitor height > 150 cm

Black: Difficult   visitor height > 150 cm

Age limits and other restrictions

The minimum age for the adventure courses is seven. Climbers must also be at least 120 cm tall. For children under seven or shorter than 120 cm, we have separate children’s adventure courses. For safety reasons, children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. One adult may supervise up to four children. An adult supervising 7–9-year-old children must accompany them on the courses.
When supervising 10–12-year-old children, the supervisor may either observe from the ground or go on the courses with the children.
From age 13, visitors may go on the adventure courses unsupervised.

A guardian’s permission for the adventure courses

All participants must read the safety rules before embarking on the adventure. Also, a parent or other guardian of all under-18s must read the rules. A copy of the rules, signed by a parent or other legal guardian, must be presented as permission to use the courses.

Small adventurers

Vierumäki’s Flowpark also has a children’s course, on which children under the age of seven and/or shorter than 120 cm can enjoy the taste of an adventure under adult supervision. The same equipment and rules are used for the children’s course as for all the other courses. This course runs only half a metre above the ground, so parents can supervise their children’s jungle antics at arm’s length.