Training camps and tournaments

We at Vierumäki are on a mission to develop, provide, and market coaching education and sports services both nationally and internationally. By sharing our unrivalled expertise on coach and athlete education, competitive sports, and sports health, we play a key role in creating tomorrow’s champions.

Located around 130 km north of Helsinki, Vierumäki can be reached easily by bus from the main airport (Helsinki-Vantaa) about one hour. The nearest city is Lahti, 28 km to the south of Vierumäki, and the closest town is Heinola, 15 km to the north.

Despite being so easily reached, Vierumäki is surrounded by unspoilt Finnish nature. This means we provide fabulous recreation, tournament and training camp opportunities in the midst of pristine forests and lakes. All facilities at Vierumäki are within a five-minute walk from each other, so your team can fully focus on practice, rest and active recovery. This enables you to create an efficient schedule for tournaments and training camps without having to use valuable time for getting around.

Vierumäki offers a unique combination of interaction, challenging training sessions, fun activities, highly educational lectures, positive feedback, and support. This means your athletes and coaches can gain knowledge and confidence, develop their problem-solving skills and creative thinking, as well as take responsibility – all while improving their game and themselves.

Training camps and tournaments

We specialise in developing and organising all inclusive tournaments and training camps that are tailored to your team’s needs and designed for its specific performance level. We are open all year round, so you can come to Vierumäki whenever it best suits your team’s schedule. We arrange several camps and junior events and tournaments every year.

Our training conditions provide high standard environment for tournaments and training camps. Our artificial-turf field can be used for camps and tournaments from mid-March until the end of October. The grass field, located in the middle of the athletics field, is suitable for football and can be used from May until late autumn. Our two full-sized futsal courts offer facilities for futsal games or other ballgames and for team meetings.

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