Training conditions

Vierumäki offers an ideal setting for football training. With accommodation, dining premises, and training facilities all within convenient distance of each other, Vierumäki allows you to get about readily on foot, moving from one location to another with ease. This enables you to create an efficient schedule for your training camp without having to use valuable time for getting around. Vierumäki arranges several camps and junior events every year.

Football fields

The artificial-turf field

The artificial-turf field can be used for camps and tournaments from mid-March until the end of October. The football field is full-sized (105 × 68 m). The field includes two smaller pitches with line markings (68 × 40 m).

The grass field

Located in the middle of the athletics field, the grass pitch is 101.5 × 71.5 m in size. Suitable for football (96 × 67 m), this pitch can be used from May until late autumn. You can take a 360-degree look at the grass pitch.

Futsal courts

Vierumäki Arena has two full-sized futsal courts. It also offers facilities for other ballgames and for team meetings.