Experience magical winter wonderland

Vierumäki Resort offers magical winter experiences – enjoy tradiotional sauna with ice swimming, do snow angles, listen the silence in white forest and ride by Icelantice ponies under the blue sky or participate in various fitness activities.

Vierumäki Resort is Finland’s most diverse sports and leisure centre, offering a selection of activities and accommodations that will have the whole family smiling. Nestled in the middle of pristine nature but located just over one hour away from Helsinki-Vantaa airport, Vierumäki is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a convenient and unforgettable holiday break.

Winter wonderland package, from €499/person.

The price includes accommodation, full board meals and activities.

Check the preliminary program below.

Preliminary program Price
Preliminary program €499/person

Reservations and more information

 +358 10 5777 012