Finnhockey School Ice Hockey Camps will take place also in 2021!

Do you want to play pro hockey and someday become a national team player? Finnhockey School camps help create future stars, why not join us?

Every summer, hundreds of young ice hockey players gather at the Sport Institute of Finland in Vierumäki – the official training center of the Finnish Olympic Committee and the home of the Finnhockey School.

  • The camps are open to players of all skill levels between the ages of 9-16 years who want to become better hockey players.
  • Camps ran by professional coaches experienced in coaching children and young athletes.

⚠️ Important information for Parents ⚠️

To ensure the safety of our participant:

  • Check before camp to symptoms of COVID-19
  • Notice that you need to adjust the distance between all the participants everywhere off the ice (Locker room, hallways etc.) Camp personnel will help you with this; however, everyone needs to behave responsibly on this)
  • Downsize the groups on ice
  • Base our practices skill development (no full contact games – as requested by SJL)
  • The accommodation will be set with 2 kids per room
  • In the camp we will divide kids in groups that will be completely separated with their schedules
  • If someone is unable to participate at the camp, please contact us and we will find a solution for the occurred inconvenience.

Wish to stay in Vierumaki during one of the Finnhockey School ice hockey camps? We are more than happy to accommodate all hockey moms and dads! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Reservations by email at
Or by phone +358 300 870 870

New summer 2021 camps – open for registration! 

  • Main themes: Skating, Scoring and Game Sense.
  • Goalies will have goalie coach on each camp.
  • 4 weeks post camp training plan suitable for his or her development needs – FOR FREE.

Price: €490/person incl. full board meals, accommodation and camp programme:

  • Accommodation and dining
  • On Ice Skills Training Sessions
  • Small Games Training
  • Daily Off ice program
  • Camp Jersey and Shirt
  • Beach and sauna/lake party
  • New friends & a lots a fun
  • Beach and sauna/lake party

Each player attending a Finnhockey camp is granted access to the IIHCE Hockey Centre online services

Transforming enthusiasm into learning

The Sport Institute of Finland at Vierumäki is the official training centre of the Finnish Olympic Committee, and the home of the Finnhockey School. The Finnhockey School (FHS) was established as the official summer hockey school of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association in 1980. Every summer Finnhockey School brings hundreds of young ice hockey players to the Sport Institute of Finland at Vierumäki.

The Sport Institute provides great surroundings for the hockey schools with all facilities in close proximation, player and coach education opportunities all set a beautiful environment. The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) has used the Sport Institute of Finland as the base for the annual IIHF Hockey Development Camp and IIHF High Performance Camp for more than a decade.

Vierumäki is also the home of the International Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence (IIHCE). The IIHCE is responsible for managing the Finnhockey School. The IIHCE and Finnish Ice Hockey Association have planned the FHS curriculum of the ice hockey activities and education, which guarantees a high level of instruction.

The FHS instructors are experienced professionals supported also by high-level goalie coaching. During the past years, numerous high-level coaches have been instructing at the Finnhockey School.

Our mission is to provide unique ice hockey experience to all the camp participants from various backgrounds.

Our staff and Vierumäki facilities are ready to welcome you to the Lions’ Den!

Come and get unforgettable experiences from Vierumäki!

The camps are organized in cooperation with the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation (FIHA) and the International Ice Hockey Center of Excellence. The camp themes and activities are designed together with FIHA following the Lions development path to support individual development of each participant. Camps are planned and implemented by professional coaches (two head coaches, assistant coach and goalie coach for each group) who have a plenty of experience in coaching children and young athletes. They are trained by FIHA and Vierumäki experts to work at Finnhockey School in accordance with the camp values, themes and content. The camps will be focusing on learning, overall skill development, shooting/scoring, skating, stickhandling, passing and game sense.

The camps are open to players of all skill levels between the ages of 9-16 years (girls and boys) who want to become better hockey players.

What is a better way of having fun, learning and improving your skills, and making new friends who love hockey as much as you do, than while playing your favorite sport?

Parents are welcome to lodge at Vierumäki during Finnhockey School camps and enjoy all our services.