Classic – worthy of its name

Built in 1988, Vierumäki’s Classic course has provided thousands of golfers with their first introduction to golf. Planned by Swedish designer Jan Sederholm, the course is built on sandy ground amidst a pine forest. Thanks to its sandy soil, this beautiful and challenging course dries quickly after snow has melted, so the course is suitable for playing for up to seven months a year.

This course requires players to plan their shots carefully and execute them accurately. The longest possible drive does not always result in the best score. While more advanced players can take some calculated risks, successful tactics on this course may also be found in perfectly executed approach shots.

7 Minutes Break Bar serves as the Classic course’s café.

The coordinates of the Classic course

61° 6´ 36.62″ N 26° 0´ 38.46″ E

Handicap limits

– guest players: 54
– ViGS members and shareholders: 54
– no group limit, reviewed by situation