A Championship-level golf course

Opened in 2006, Cooke is a Championship-level golf course. The main designer of the course, Graham Cooke, based his design on the principle that all players must be able to derive the same joy from playing, regardless of their skill level. Championship-level courses designed by Cooke offer challenges to top players and amateurs alike.

The teeing grounds are designed to make the holes fun to play for any player, whether a beginner or a pro. The holes can readily be made more challenging.

The Cooke course’s fairways can be described as generous. This may easily give the player a false sense of security, since the deceivingly open holes are accompanied by gently undulating contours and design features. With their meticulously designed location, sand bunkers add an additional layer of difficulty to the approach. The course’s special features include large sandy areas, waste bunkers, which contrast against the beautifully maintained greens and fairways in an interesting manner. The greens undulate gently, offering numerous options for the position of the flag.

9 Minutes Break Bar serves as the Cooke course’s café.

Host of 2016-2018 Vierumäki Finnish Challenge

The co-ordinates of the Cooke course

61° 6´ 26.26″ N 26° 0´ 9.32″ E

Handicap limits

– guest players: 54
– ViGS members and shareholders: 54
– no group limit, reviewed by situation