Practical tips during the event

Moving about on the golf course

Vierumäki invites all sports fans interested in golf to watch the season’s main golf event in Finland live. The tournament week also offers an excellent introduction to golf for those who are not yet familiar with the sport. All events are free of charge, throughout the week.

Remember to pay attention to safety. Walk only at the edges of the course and fairways. Be prepared to protect your head whenever you hear ‘Fore!’ called out.

Take care not to distract the players. Do not speak in a loud voice or move when a player close to you is preparing for a shot. Turn off your phone’s sounds.

Practical tips

  • You can watch your favourite players by following their group through the course, or, alternatively, you may select a spot that affords you a view of several holes. Such good viewing points are found close to the left portion of hole 3 (near the green) or in the area between holes 13, 15, and 16 (on the other side of the road).
  • The surroundings of the Golf Pavilion on the Cooke Course offer an excellent location for observing players who are starting and finishing their rounds.
  • Don’t forget the practice areas. There, you can observe the players’ technique and see how professionals warm up before a game.
  • Wear comfortable, sturdy, and waterproof shoes.
  • Bring an umbrella if there are chances of rain.
  • On a hot day, use sun lotion and protect your head with a hat.
  • With binoculars, you can keep an eye on events that are further away.
  • Most parts of the course are accessible with a pram or pushchair with bigger wheels.