Training conditions

Vierumäki offers excellent training conditions for gymnastic sports. With accommodation, dining premises, and training facilities all conveniently situated within walking distance of each other, Vierumäki lets you move easily from one location to another on foot. You can create an efficient schedule for your training camp without having to devote valuable time to just getting around.


In Volttiareena which is in Vierumäki Areena there are top-quality training possibilities for TeamGym, artistic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics and trampoline gymnastics. Volttiareena was designed in cooperation with gymnastic coaches and experts to ensure the needs of athletes. It is mainly used on Finland’s national teams and sport clubs training camps.

Volttiareena also offers good conditions for skill training in other sports. On two indoor courts of Vierumäki Areena there are also space for gymnastics teams.

Key features in Volttiareena

PE Redskaber

  • Fast track and competition sized tumbling track with foam pad landing
  • Two parallel large trampolines with hydraulic foam pad and loose foam pit landings
  • TeamGym vaulting table
  • TeamGym trampolines “Dorado”


  • 12 x 18 m competition floor “Moscow”
  • Two sets of competition parallel bars
  • Two sets of competition uneven bars
  • Competition high bar and two club high bars
  • Competition rings
  • Competition pommel horse
  • Competition balance beam and club beams
  • Competition vaulting table

All apparatuses are FIG approved.