Large events

A unique setting for large events

Offering a broad selection of facilities and accommodation for more than a thousand visitors, Vierumäki provides ample opportunity to create an event that meets all your needs. Whether you want to get together for a conference, fitness event, or celebration, our staff are on hand to give you a helping hand in making the event a success. Our experienced sales and event professionals will design and tailor your event from start to finish, so you can leave all the arrangements to us.

Vierumäki Arena is an ideal venue for major events of many types, including trade fairs, fitness events, and evening functions. This venue has space for 2,000–3,000 people. Spacious areas with free parking ensure that transport proceeds smoothly even during mass events. Vierumäki Arena is truly one of a kind in Finland.

Registration for your event

Registration services are required for all events. Why not leave this routine but time-consuming process to us to arrange? We can design and prepare a sign-up form that is perfectly suited to your event. We will send you a link to the form, Vierumäki receives all filled-in forms directly, and visitors can use the form to sign up for fitness activities too. When preparing the form, we take into account all event activities that require registration. We can also handle bookings for accommodation.

The service charge for event registration is €12 per attendee.

The process is simple:

  1. Contact our sales service to agree on provision of the registration service.
  2. Send the event information to us.