Environmental responsibility is strong in Vierumäki, Ski World Championships athletes’ village

The World Championships in Nordic skiing are to be held in Lahti, Finland from February 22nd to March 5th ,2017 with the World Cup’s top athletes, coaching teams and service staff  all accommodated in Vierumäki during the games.  Vierumäki is proud to present Nordic Swan Ecolabeled restaurants and accommodation services to all their guests.

More than 1,400 athletes during the Games from 60 different countries will be staying and training in Vierumäki , providing a framework for athletes preparing for competitions and training. The Nordic Swan Ecolabelled services are the Hotel Scandic Vierumäki and the restaurants Country Club, Golf Pavilion, Rampsi à la carte, Karhunpesä and Kalliokammi.

-We want to make very visible our work for the environment and that we can provide Nordic Swan Ecolabelled services. When  people come here to compete,  the Nordic Swan Ecolabel symbol can be seen in various areas with banner,  flags, pins etc. The hotel rooms have leaflets that tell you what a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled hotel has achieved with its environmental work, says Leila Burma, Vierumäki Country Club’s Purchasing Manager and Tuuli Tukiainen, its Environmental and Safety Manager.

What is a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled hotel and restaurant?

At a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled establishment the environment is handled in an exemplary way. In order to be granted a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence, the hotel must meet the stringent and multivaried requirements for energy and water consumption, waste management, procurement and use of chemicals. In practice, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel requirements are reflected in, for example, water-saving taps, the use of eco-detergents, safe interior materials and organic products.

A Nordic Swan Ecolabelled restaurant complies with the procurement laws and the use of raw materials that comply with strict environmental requirements. This restaurant always serves vegetarian food. In addition, the Nordic Swan Ecolabelled restaurant uses plenty of organic, responsibly-caught fish and always knows the origin of the main raw materials.