Vierumäki shoots for the stars with two new companies

The Sport Institute of Finland opened its doors again in June 2020, after a lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, two new companies were started, renewing the sturucture and organization of Vierumäki. Since Vierumäki Country Club was declared bankrupt in April, Vierumäki Sports Ltd will now be in charge of offering sport and customer services, as well as the restaurant and accommodation packages in the area. The premises will be split by a new company called Kiinteistö Oy Vierumäen Kumina, as well as the Sport Institute of Finland, providing top-class facilities for sports and education.

Also in June, the Sport Institute of Finland published its brand new strategy for the years 2020-2025. The strategy focuses on the founding pilars of the institute; offering and developing high-end educational and coaching services, just like Tahko Pihkala had invisioned almost 100 years ago. This will be made possible by investing in and/or renovating sport facilities, restaurants and accommodation options. During the next five years, Vierumäki will be investing in the listed development projects a total if 15-20 million euros. The first phase of the renovations have already started in July 2020.