P.E. Seminar 2018

P.E. Seminar 2018

12th International Seminar for Physical Education Teachers
29.7.-3.8.2018, Vierumäki, Finland

”Searching for the flow”

How can physical education teachers, coaches and sport instructors have an impact on children and youth to find the joy of moving? How can you motivate your pupils, students, customers or athletes?

What are the main reasons for children and youth to move and exercise? What is the role of intrinsic motivation and how do we cultivate it?

The 12th International PE Seminar of Vierumäki offers a unique platform to learn new aspects about sports and health education. With diverse lectures and workshops we provide an enthusiastic atmosphere, where PE teachers can enhance their professional skills and discuss the new trends in education. The seminar attract various sport professionals, making it a fruitful place to interact and connect with international colleagues.

Regular price 695€ (all inclusive)
Two-day package (2 days, 1 night) 260€
1 day package (no accommodation, lunch included) 150€

Discount for international groups over 15 persons, please contact the seminar organizers.

Payment details:

Bank name: Nordea Bank Finland
Bank address: Aleksanterinkatu 10, 15110 Lahti, Finland
Account holder:  Sport Institute of Finland
Account number: FI9615873000030901


  • Opening Day; opening ceremony, keynote and evening dinner
  • 4 days of Workshops/Learning Sessions/Lecture
  • Diverse evening programme
  • Networking with friends and colleagues
  • Closing ceremony and evening celebration
  • Departure day and bus transportation to the airport

The final version of the programme will be available, once the seminar starts.

Confirmed Presenters:

Muriel Sutter: On account of her varied interests and skills in sports in general and in sports games in particular, she could realise professional engagements at school and university early on. In 2013 she founded BURNER MOTION Ltd. offering various services concerning sports and physical education and started editing the book series Burner Motion at Hofmann Schorndorf publishing company. As a passionate teacher she is working at a public high school, as a guest lecturer at University of Basel, furthermore as a teachers advanced training instructor, author, editor and CEO of Burner Motion Ltd.

Marcel Straub: Marcel Straub is an experienced and innovative sports professional. He has been teaching physical education for over 20 years and has also been the leader of the centre competence for PE over 10 years in the city of Zurich. Marcel is the inventor and founder of the health and sports promotion concept – Street Racket. In addition, he is also the creator and head instructor of educational programs for sport teachers.

Timo Laakso: Timo Laakso works in the department of Physical Education in the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. His area of teaching is ball games and didactics of physical education. In his workshops he tries to demonstrate how to achieve positive atmosphere in P.E. lessons. We focus on teamwork and different games and cognitive warm-ups with different balls. His motto is: The learning should be fun!

Sari Penttilä: Sari Penttilä (M.Sc.PE, RYT-500) has been promoting wellbeing of people for over 30 years, working in Finnish schools of different levels as a Physical and Health Education teacher. 20 years ago she re-found yoga, started to practice it regularly and little by little took yoga also into her P.E. classes and started to teach Yoga classes weekly.  Her aim is to bring yoga accessible for everyone. Yoga is for All – and We All are One!

Mikko Rinnevuori: Mikko works as Development Manager and Headmaster of the upcoming School of Creative Movement (of Parkour Academy of Finland) in Helsinki. He is a member of a Finnish contemporary circus group, Race Horse Company and thus works as a professional circus artist in different projects. He has graduated as Master of Educational Sciences from the University of Jyväskylä and published two books about acrobatics. He works to break down linear hierarchies using practises of peer and group dynamic techniques to offer bespoke support for individual learning. In the workshop/lecture we will go through different working methods to enhance competence, autonomy and relatedness, the three cornerstones of the self-determination theory.

Jesse Takala: Draivia kouluun! -workshop (eng. Golf in schools) is a great way to learn how golf can be played in the school environment. We don´t only teach golf but also other skills that are part of Finnish physical education curriculum (speed, strenght, mobility, balance, Move!, co-operation, …). In golf sessions we use special equipments (safer and easier to use), not the traditional golf clubs and balls.

Olegas Batutis: Olegas Batutis is from the Lithuanian Sports University and has a doctoral degree in sociology.He currently works as a  PE teacher in the Prienai gimnasium „Ziburys“. Constantly leads workshops and classes for Lithuanian PE teachers. He is a member of methodological group on development and improvement Lithuanian PE teaching programs. and has presented lessons in International PE teachers’ seminars in various countries. He will be presenting ”BASSALO” which is a new sport for schools, clubs & leisure. With long sports cups and special balls, you can have a lot of action! With the perfect sports equipment, you can practice many games and training possiblities at the same time.

Raluca Gruin: Raluca Gruin is a double master in Education: Sports and Recreation Management as well as Master Degree in School Management. She has a profound background in water sports, and has been instructing lifeguarding in various international sports and/or education seminars around the world, in addition to working as the president of the aquatic section of the New York State Association for Health Physical Education Recreation Dance. Raluca will be presenting two sessions related to lifeguard skills, where these hands-on, dynamic activities will focus on assessing the participant readiness, getting the most out of the participation, incorporating technology, improving fitness, and successful skill development.