Activity menu for adults

We have compiled a list of all the sports and fitness programmes you can take part in. Design your experience at Vierumäki on the basis of the Activity Menu. From our wide range of group fitness activities and muscle-care classes, you are sure to find an activity that suits you – whether you want to work up a sweat or take it easy a bit.

Unless otherwise indicated, the classes last 45 minutes.

Working up a sweat

TRX training
TRX training has its roots in U.S. military training. Originally developed by a Navy SEAL, it provides an effective and versatile total-body workout. The exercises are performed with suspension straps, which can be adjusted to vary the resistance level. You can also control the difficulty of the exercises by changing the angle of your body to suit your fitness level. These training sessions help you build your overall strength while simultaneously improving mobility, balance, and body control. This training is suitable for all fitness levels! Recommendation: 1.5 hours, max. 16 people)

Core training
Strengthen the abdominal and back muscles to improve your balance and posture.

Kettlebell training
You get total-body conditioning when training with kettlebells. There are various types of kettlebell moves, to improve control of your core, balance, flexibility, and strength. Kettlebell weight is 4–20 kg. Max. 25 people.

Vierupumppi body-pumping class + stretching
In this versatile fitness class, you can work on your muscle tone by using weight bars, disc weights, and a step stool. Designed to suit all levels of fitness, this class does not involve any choreographed step sequences. Max. 25 people, 1.5 hours.

Fitness boxing
Learn the basic boxing techniques, burn calories, and strengthen the neck and shoulder muscles, all at the same time. Max. 30 people.

Workout at Your Own Pace

SUP Fit & Balance
Stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) offer a fun, relaxing way to enjoy being out on the water. SUP Fit & Balance™ training is a novel, versatile, and effective group fitness class, involving exercises to improve muscle strength, co-ordination, balance, and mobility, all performed while you stand on the board. The class, held at our swimming hall, also develops your fitness level through paddling or exercises that utilise water’s resistance. Compared with strength training carried out on the floor, exercises on the SUP are more versatile: with every movement, you have to balance your body and use your core muscles to maintain the correct posture. Note: SUP boarding classes take place in the swimming pool, but you do not need a swimming costume. You can wear shorts and a t-shirt, but bear in mind that you may get wet during the class.

Powerslider training
Our slideboard class offers you a full-body workout that puts the main focus on the lower body and core muscles. The exercises are performed on a 180-centimetre-wide slideboard weighing less than two kilos. Our powerslider training class offers a novel, fun, and challenging way of trying out lateral training, guaranteed to put your balance and body control to the test. The class, which lasts 45 minutes, includes an introduction to the equipment, an efficient 30-minute training session, and cooling-down exercises. Note: You will need to bring indoor training shoes and a workout towel.

Gymstick class
The Gymstick is an exercise tool that consists of a stick and resistance loops of various lengths. This class offers a functional workout that improves your muscle tone and balance.

Dance mix
With our dance mix classes, you can boost your fitness by moving to music. The music styles range from pop to Latin dance music, spiced up with traditional polkas, tangos, and Finnish folk dances.

Vierujooga yoga class
Suitable for beginners and old hands alike, the Vierujooga yoga class focuses on mind-body exercises based on traditional yoga philosophy. Challenging your body control and powers of concentration, this class improves your mobility and muscle strength – no matter your level of fitness.

Sauna yoga
Sauna yoga combines the sensation of well-being created by the warmth and restfulness of a sauna with the relaxing effect of simple moves based on yoga and related breathing exercises. Not requiring previous experience in yoga, sauna yoga is a training and relaxation method that suits everyone. The class lasts 30 minutes. Max. 20 people

Aqua gymnastics
Get an intense cardiovascular workout in the pool, using the natural resistance of water. Max. 25 people

Aqua running 
You experience aqua running with the belt and get trained in the technique. Max. 30 people

Easy, relaxing and fun

Foam roller class
In the foam roller muscle-care class, you can increase your muscle performance by actively massaging your muscles with a long roll of foam. The exercises are targeted at releasing knots in the muscles and surrounding fascia. Vierumäki’s foam roller class consists of a warm-up session, rolling exercises, and stretching to cool down. Whether you are an office worker with a sedentary lifestyle or a fitness enthusiast, this class is suitable for you.

Chi ball
Chi ball soothes both body and mind. Relaxing exercise with tranquil music and a therapeutic effect, chi ball is calming and refreshing. Max. 35 people.

Body control
Increase your balance and muscle co-ordination by utilising your own body.

Neck and shoulder exercise
The exercises concentrate on warming up, strengthening, and stretching the neck and shoulder muscles

In this stretching-based offering, we focus on increasing flexibility, enhance relaxation, promote muscle wellness, and prevent injuries.

With our archery class, you can learn the basics of the sport and test your accuracy against that of the others in the group in a fun and relaxed competition. The classes are held at Vierumäki Arena.

Air-gun shooting
Equipped with the latest technology and equipment, our shooting gallery offers a perfect setting for trying out shooting with an air rifle and pistol. Participants meet at Vierumäki Arena.

Suitable for players of any fitness level, curling is an exciting team sport played on ice. The sessions are held at the Ice Arena. You should wear warm clothing and comfortable flat shoes.

Ten-pin bowling
With our bowling class, you learn the basics of bowling technique and receive bowling tuition. The bowling classes are held at the bowling hall in Vierumäki Resort Hotel.

Build your team spirit

Amazing race – orienteering for victory
The objective of Amazing Race is to follow clues in teams of 4–6 people from one point to another, with the first team to complete the course – criss-crossing the Sport Institute area – taking victory. In addition to a few ‘cold’ points, the route features numerous ‘warm’ points where instructor-led tasks have been set up to test the competitors’ wits, teamwork, physical endurance, and strength. The first team to complete the course wins a prize.

You can choose between an easy and a more challenging course option. The easy course is shorter and has less demanding hints and less strenuous physical tasks. The challenging course is longer, and there are more difficult hints and more physically strenuous tasks.

  • The event lasts 90 minutes.
  • The teams meet at the Sports Hall.
  • Maximum group size is 60.
  • Prices: €800 for groups of 1–20, €1,000 for groups of 21–40, and €1,200 for groups of 41–60
  • The activity is available also in English.

Adventure courses – a game for the whole team
Filled with fun and exciting tasks, adventure courses can be organised either as a competition or to serve as relaxing team activities. After finding the task points with the aid of a map, the teams can put their wits and teamwork skills to the test while performing these challenging exercises. In this game, it isn’t the time that matters but how well the team performs the individual tasks. The group is divided into teams of 4–6 people. The winning team is awarded a prize. The adventure courses are in a central location in the area of the Sports Hall, Vierumäki Arena, the sand field, and the football pitch, where teams move from one location to another on foot.

  • The event lasts 90 minutes.
  • The teams meet at the Sports Hall.
  • Maximum group size is 60.
  • Prices: €800 for groups of 1–30 and €1,100 for groups of 31–60 The activity is available also in English.
  • The activity is available also in English.

Team trail
On the team trail, the participants walk the shorter of Vierumäki’s nature trails, which is 2.2 km in length. In addition to beautiful surroundings, the route offers two team challenges aimed at building team spirit and strengthening the bond among the team members. These challenges involve a range of tasks that break down barriers and provide everyone with a new role that is based on personal abilities and characteristics rather than job description. After they have walked the team trail, the participants walk to the Ilkan Kuru hut or the Letturanta shoreline to round off the event with coffee and a closing programme.

Snow bonanza
The snow bonanza is a fun way to spend time together, engaging in winter sports. The activities include sledging, tandem skiing, and snow games. Coffee at the wilderness hut is available for an additional charge.

Snow games
Play team games on the snow. The games include Yukigassen snowball fighting, snow football, and snow floorball.

Tahko tournament
An action-packed old-style tournament pits the competitors against each other in various games, including tug-of-war, milk cart racing, javelin-throwing, kettlebell racing, and Mölkky skittle-throwing. To regain their strength between events, participants can enjoy a shot of Tahkon tujaus.

  • The event lasts 90 minutes.
  • The teams meet at the Sports Hall.
  • The recommended maximum group size is 50.
  • Price: €1,000
  • A packed lunch from a separate menu is available by request.

Vierumäki Sports
The Vierumäki Sports event involves new, fun versions of familiar ball-based games. The games include floorball with a mallet, velcro ball, sky ball, intercross, and Vierumäki baseball.

Throwing event
We also offer a fun mix of throwing games. The games include the Mölkky skittle-throwing game, pétanque, and a Frisbee-based game of accuracy.

Fun track-and-field triathlon and pentathlon
Our pentathlon consists of new and exciting versions of familiar track-and-field events. The sports include long-jumping backwards, ‘turbo javelin’, walking against the clock, and the shot-put with a difference. The triathlon consists of modified versions of familiar track-and-field events, a throwing, jumping, and running event.


Similar to pétanque, bowls is an accuracy game that uses biased balls. Before play, the participants meet at Vierumäki Arena.

Paintball is an exciting and fast-paced game. The objective is to eliminate players from the opposing team by marking them with a paintball shot, fired from a special gun. The paintball games are held on the outdoor field of Vierumäki Arena.

Vierumäki Games
Vierumäki Games is a fun and relaxed competition between teams. Suitable for all, regardless of age and fitness level, the games do not require any special equipment.

Team games: floorball, futsal, volleyball, and football, basketball and Finnish baseball. Also available Pickleball and KINBALL.

Nature activities and sports

From the thrill seeker to the nature lover, Vierumäki has something to please everyone. You can experience our nature trails, mountain biking, stand-up paddling, forest yoga, riding and dogsledding safaris – just a few of the outdoor activities to enjoy with your family. We also organise instructor-led Active Hours classes and trips related to these sports.

Outdoor and nature activities: