Bowling hall

Gr8 Bowl Vierumäki is a modern 10-lane bowling hall that meets professional bowling requirements. The unique white laminate lanes and novel lighting solutions offer an opportunity to enjoy bowling in a well-functioning, modern setting. The lighting can be switched from general lighting to glow bowling or from official tournament lights to mood lighting.

Automatic scoring keeps track of the points, and there is instruction available for beginners as well as for experienced bowlers. The lanes have automatic bumper guards for young players, and we also have bowling balls and shoes to fit all ages and sizes.

Private functions
At gr8 Bowl Vierumäki, you can hold corporate events, bowling club competitions, and even children’s birthday parties. The bowling area is part of the entertainment restaurant, so it is licensed to serve alcohol.

The maximum number of players is four to five per lane. Please arrive about 15 minutes before the time reserved.