Indoor and outdoor sports facilities

Our indoor facilities include courts for various ballgames, shooting ranges, tennis courts, gymnasiums, a golf driving range, and a dance hall. Outdoors, you can choose from nature trails, skiing trails and orienteering routes, a suitably surfaced rollerblading route, 45 golf holes, ball courts, and an artificial-turf football pitch with underground heating. We also have two indoor ice rinks, along with a swimming hall that offers several recreation pools.

Indoor sports

Ice Arena
The Ice Arena has two indoor ice rinks, and there is also an outdoor rink next to the arena. This is in use in the winter, weather permitting. The staff at the Ice Arena are happy to sharpen your skate blades whenever possible. Open daily 7am – 10pm. Ice skating: €8 for adults and €4 for children (check when the arena is open to the public).

Sports hall for ballgames
Thanks to its high ceiling, the hall is well suited to volleyball. The hall has a parquet floor and one wall with mirrors, making it ideal also for fitness classes and dance lessons. It is 28 m × 14 m in size.
See the floor plan (pdf)

Swimming hall
Vierumäki’s swimming hall has several recreation pools and a five-lane training pool. The recreation pools include a children’s paddling pool, a hot tub, a cold-water pool, and an activity pool with water massage equipment. The training pool has five 25-metre lanes. Adults for €8, children (aged 5–14) for €4. 360-pictures.

Sports Hall
Courts on the lower level are available for badminton (€10 per hour), basketball (€75 per hour), volleyball (€75 per hour), floorball (€75 per hour), and use as a gymnasium (€8). Athletics facilities on the upper level (charge: €8) are available for long-jumping, high-jumping, running, martial arts, and table tennis. The Sports Hall has cycling hours open for the public on Thursdays at 7pm – 9pm and Sundays at 2pm – 4pm. The Luentokaari meeting facilities and the Health and Fitness Clinic are also found in the Sports Hall. The Sports Hall has sports equipment and games available for hire. 360-pictures.

Vierumäki Arena
The arena’s includes an airgun shooting gallery (10 lanes, only for groups), an archery range, a volleyball court (€90 per hour), handball facilities (€90 per hour), a futsal area (€90 per hour), two floorball courts (€90 per hour), nine badminton courts (€10 per hour), and a mirror hall with parquet flooring (10.40 × 11.40). Two gymnastics mats and two cheerleading mats are available. See the floor plan (pdf).  360-pictures

Vierumäki Centre
We offer six tennis courts, golf winter training centre and the high-quality Greeni Kuntostudio gymnasium for independent training (€8). There is also a squash court (€13 per session). 360 Picture

Gymnastics hall
The Gymnastics Hall is particularly suitable for artistic gymnastics but can also be used for stretching, relaxation, and dancing classes. The hall is equipped with gymnastics apparatus, portable exercise mats, and AV equipment. See the floor plan (pdf).

Outdoor facilities

Frisbee golf
The Vierumäki area has a seven-hole Frisbee golf course. The course is appr. 1 kilometres long and starts at the end of the Ice Arena. You can borrow discs and a course map at the Sports Hall. Suitable for families.

Beach Volley
There are two 8 × 16 m beach volleyball sand courts, located between Vierumäki Centre and the Ice Arena. The price is €15 per hour (incl. equipment).

Sand field
The sand field behind Vierumäki Centre is suitable for Finnish baseball and various other outdoor games. The field is 100 × 70 m in size. In the winter, a third of the area is used as an outdoor ice rink.

Grass pitch
Located in the middle of the athletics field, the grass pitch is 101.5 × 71.5 m in size. The pitch is suitable, for example, for football (96 × 67 m), aerobics classes, and outdoor games. Prices start at €95. 360 picture

Ballgame arena
At one end of the athletics field, the ballgame arena is surfaced with artificial turf and is suitable for floorball, volleyball, basketball, and football. The arena is 13 × 26 m in size.

Outdoor tennis courts
Vierumäki has four traditional clay courts (€20 per hour), three grey clay courts (€20/hour), and five Plexipave courts (€15/hour). Players must wear appropriate tennis shoes for the clay courts. The holiday villages have their own tennis courts with a sand-fill artificial-turf surface, which can be reserved at the courts by means of a token. 360-picture.

Athletics field
The athletics field has a 400-metre running track and areas for javelin-throwing, long-jumping, and the shot put.360-picture

Football pitch
The artificial-turf field with a heating system makes it possible to play football at Vierumäki almost all year round. The football pitch is 105 × 68 m in size.