Most popular sports of the summer

Vierumäki offers excellent environment for Padel, Tennis and Mountain biking. Their popularity has grown exponentially this summer. So come experience this summer’s most popular sports to Vierumäki!

Tennis and Padel

In Vierumäki you will find an excellent environment for Tennis, and especially Padel. Vierumäki has two really high quality Padel tracks, and our tennis courts offer diverse options for beginners, families, amateurs and competitive players.

What Padel is?

Padel is a racket game that combines the features of tennis and squash. The sport is fun, social, and easy to embrace, as the rules are simple.  The sport is played on a court with walls, where the ball can bounce from the walls.

Padel is a great sport for all ages and due to the nature of the game it suits well even for the little ones of the families. Padel is always played with four players but can also be played by two or three players.

Mountain biking

Vierumäki offers excellent environment for mountain bikes during the summer.

Easiest mountain bike routes, which are 3 km, 5 km, 7 km, 10 km, and 12 km routes can be found from here. Both new and more experienced mountain bikers will have fun on these routes.

Routes are wide and their surface is quite flat. Still, speed can accelerate on those routes to very high so make sure to hold on to your handlebar. For those looking for a more challenging route, Vierumäki offers the Cheese Trail

We have available to rent E-Fatbikes, Merida’s mountain bikes, Hybrids and Citybikes. For a little bit more crazier person there is also an option to rent our popular Kickbikes!