Sports training centre

The Sport Institute of Finland, the country’s leading sports training centre, supports elite sports in Finland.

Our mission is to provide education and development services for training and coaching. Our training centre collaborates closely with a variety of sport associations and international partners to develop and implement athletes’ and coaches’ training and education programmes. Athletes and coaches of dozens of individual sports come to Vierumäki every year to participate in such programmes. Vierumäki is also the official training centre of the Finnish Olympic Committee.

International Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence

The International Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence organises numerous educational events and training camps, produces educational material, and compiles research data. IIHCE develops and maintains the Hockey Centre ice hockey resource website.

For sports clubs and associations

Vierumäki provides versatile training facilities and services for sports clubs, teams and associations. Take a look at our facilities.

Professional know-how in coaching

The training centre arranges educational programmes for coaches and everyone interested in coaching, regardless of sport or qualification level. Contact us for more information.