Tennis courts

Vierumäki’s facilities include 32 tennis courts.

Indoor courts:

  • Vierumäki Centre has six indoor courts Three of these are Plexipave courts, while the other three have Bolltex carpet
  • Vierumäki Arena has a court with a Pulastic surface

Outdoor courts:

  • 5 Plexipave courts
  • 4 clay courts with crushed-brick surface
  • 3 clay courts with Canada Tenn surface
  • 13 tennis courts at the Holiday Village with a sand-fill artificial-turf surface, intended mainly for guests staying at the village


You can try out tennis while wearing running shoes on outdoor courts 5–9, which have a hard surface. If you want to take up tennis, you will need to buy tennis shoes, as no running shoes are allowed on clay courts or indoor courts. Tennis shoes are necessary because running shoes’ soles give them too much grip for these courts and running shoes offer inadequate support for the foot. Safety comes first also on tennis courts. Also, running shoes may leave marks on the court surface.