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How to use your exercise benefits inside the Friends app

Exercise benefits cannot be used directly on the app, but we have a solution for that. Call our customer service on +358 300 870 870 and use your exercise benefit!

When you come to Vierumäki to play sports or exercise, you can pay for your time slot or swimming pool ticket at the counter using your exercise benefit. The cashier will give you a voucher, which includes a code that you can enter on the app.

The voucher is valid for the following services:

\# Single tickets to the Swimming Hall, the Sports Hall or an individual Active Hours class
# Serial tickets to the Swimming Hall and the Sports Hall (adults and children)
# Court bookings

Now is a good time to spend your expiring vouchers, as the downloadable codes available from the cashier will remain valid in your application even after expiry.

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The Vierumäki Friends mobile app serves as your guide in our area

The free app allows you to discover Vierumäki’s daily events, navigate the area using a digital map and sign up for exercise classes.

Download the app from App Store or Google Play

If you have already registered on the vierumaki.fi website, use the same email when signing in to the Vierumäki Friends app.

Registering in the app is easy and done by providing your phone number.
Saving your payment card is completely safe and free of charge. The one-euro “fee” shown during the saving phase will not be charged but only used to identify the payment card.

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Get the most out of your app

Vierumäki Friends opens up the opportunities the area has to offer. The app’s calendar shows you all the daily events such as exercise classes as well as restaurant and entertainment events.

You can conveniently register for Active Hours classes via the app. Adding your payment card details to the app allows you to conveniently pay for your exercise classes and playing time slots directly from the app.

You’ll receive reminders of events that you’ve marked as a favourite.

The app has a map of Vierumäki and it guides you where you want to go.

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Move a booking to another time

We can’t make the move directly. Please follow the instructions below:

1\. Send an e-mail to vierumakifriends@vierumaki.fi, and tell us which reservation you want to cancel.
2\. Book a new time slot and pay for it.
3\. The money for the cancelled reservation will be returned to you if a notification of the cancellation has been received 24 hours before the start of the reservation.

Cancelling a booking

Send an e-mail to vierumakifriends@vierumaki.fi.
The money will be returned to you if a notification of the cancellation has been received 24 hours before the start of the reservation.