Happy Healthy Leaders

  • Johtamisen erikoisammattitutkinto, JET

The Happy Healthy Leaders package is beneficial for the members of the work community who are involved in the improvement of well-being in their organisation. In practice, this often means the company’s middle management, supervisors, and HR personnel, who act as a link between the management and other employees, a task that can often be stressful and tiring.

The goal of the Happy Healthy Leaders package is to work together to find ways for you to cope with these responsibilities while also improving your own well-being. Why not give us a call to find out more?

WAKE UP package

The Wake Up package offers a gentle introduction to well-being at work.
This programme, which lasts around three months, includes the measurement of current ability to your work, a well-being analysis, and advice for the individual along with the entire organization.

Price: € 490 per person (0% VAT)

POWER package

The Power package is tailored to the individual participant’s needs and lasts at a least six months. This programme can have a huge impact on well-being at work and in general. The package also includes lectures by experts, which bring you the latest research results, for your benefit. In addition, the participants learn how to improve the collaboration with those providing occupational health services.

Price: € 1,180 per person (0% VAT)

Extensive package

Our Extensive packages are always built on the basis of needs and demand. In a collaborative project, we have designed a leadership training programme that focuses on well-being at work. If your company has a training package already planned and you are planning to include the programme, we can develop it further together, complementing the existing ERP package with Vierumäki’s well-being services.