Happy Healthy Me

Happy Healthy Me programmes are designed for your organisation’s management and other employees involved in strategic work. The programme focuses primarily on the well-being of the individual. Well-being at the management level is reflected in the sense of well-being across the entire organisation and helps companies reach their goals more efficiently. This, in turn, helps improve your workplace’s atmosphere.

Thanks to unpredictable working hours, working in management is often mentally strenuous. Combine this with long days, lack of sleep and poor diet and it’s no wonder work can suffer. Happily, our packages can help your management team get back on their feet, and working better, in no time.

WAKE UP -package

The Wake Up package offers a gentle introduction to well-being at work. The Wake Up period lasts around three months. This package consists of two modules, which include analysis of the participant’s current physical fitness, a look at the basic factors in well-being, and a well-being analysis (with a Firstbeat test). The programme gives participants a clear overall picture of their current work ability and offers advice on how to improve this ability independently and cope better at work in general.

Price: €460 (0% VAT)

POWER -package

With a minimum duration of six months, the Power programme helps participants gain a comprehensive overall picture of their well-being. This package can have a huge impact on well-being both at work and in general.

The package consists of three modules, involving two fitness level tests (to analyse the initial level and development), body composition analysis, well-being analysis, lectures by experts, and a versatile fitness programme. Between modules, the participants exercise, receive nutrition advice, and observe their recovery periods, all with the assistance of a personal trainer. Communication with the trainer takes place via Vierumäki’s remote trainer application.

Price: €990 (0% VAT)

EXTENSIVE -package

The Extensive programmes last around a year and are tailored to the needs of each participant and group. Participants learn to maintain all aspects of their work ability, while improving their energy levels and gaining a better understanding of the importance of well-being. The programme also gives them access to all of the well-being, exercise, coaching, and sports expertise Vierumäki has to offer, to improve their life management skills. For optimal results, the occupational health services provider should collaborate in the arrangement of the course. When tailoring the package to meet your needs, we take the demands of your work into account, making it easy for you to participate in the programme.

Prices start at €1,360 (0% VAT)