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SPA Treatment Packages

DETOX 90 min / 135€

Dry brushing of the body. Full body massage with essential oils. Stimulating mineral bath.  Refreshing bodybalm. Pineapple smoothie.

AFTER SPORT 90 min / 135€

Relaxing mineral bath. Full body massage with essential oils. Relaxing head massage. Energizing orange carrot drink.

RELAX 90 min / 135€
Light full body massage with essential oils. Luxurious facial massage and mask. Relaxing massage for feet. Delicious strawberry smoothie.
BALANCE 90 min / 135€
Relaxing, calming headmassage. Exfoliation and luxurious facial massage, softening foot mask and massage. Lovely lime-apple drink.
TOTAL BEAUTY  2h 30min / 225€
A complete pampering treatment from head to toe. Relaxing full body massage. Luxurious facial. Spa Pedicure. Glass of sparkling wine.



* 45 min/60€
* 75 min/80€
* 1h 45 min/95€
* 2h 15 min/110€


* 45 min/60€
* 75 min/80€
* 1h 45 min/95€

STRESS RELIEF 45 min / 70€
Effective treatment of neck and shoulder area. It relieves muscle tension and spasms and the special essential oil pampers the mind
Relaxing massage with essential oils and warm stones

* 45 min/70€
* 75 min/90€
* 1h 45 min/105€
* 2h 15 min/120€

Full body therapy with hot stones.

* 45 min/70€
* 75 min/90€

Deeply calming and relaxing massage to shoulders, neck and
scalp-areas. Based on the thousand years tradition
BASIC -massage

* 25 min/29€
* 55 min/53€
* 1h 25min/79€


Darphin 3D PRO FACIALS 60 min / 85€

* Kiwi fruit & Pomegranate
Intensive, deeply moisturizing treatment.

* Camomile & Honey
Soothing and relaxing treatment for sensitive skin.

* Lemon & Lavender
Fresh, skin purifying treatment.

* Vitamin & Tangerine
Energizing and vitalizing face treatment.
* Rosewood & Shea butter
Nourishing, wrinkle smoothing treatment.
Darphin Anti-aging Pro -kasvohoidot  90 min / 115€
* Ylang ylang & Sweet orange
Intensive wrinkle smoothing treatment.
* Rose & Linen Firming
Deep lifting treatment.
Clear Skin  45 min/55€

Purifying treatments without massage.

Payot Treatments  60 min / 85€


Payot Treatments 90 min / 115€

relaxing treatment where the effective ingredients are selected for your personal needs.


Pedicures and manicures

SPA Pedicure 60 min / 75€
Pampering pedicure, including a foot bath, removal of calluses, exfoliation, cosmetic nail treatment and a relaxing foot massage.
Medical Pedicure 75 min / 85€
Effective pedicure including a foot bath, a removal of calluses, cosmetic nail treatment and a softening foot massage.
SPA Manicure 60 min / 65€
Luxurious manicure, including exfoliation, a hand bath, a serum, nail treatment, varnish and a hand massage
Beauty Manicure 60 min / 65€
Manicure including cosmetic nail treatment, gel lacquer for natural nails; a unique method for super durable and strenghtening lacquer.
Beauty Pedic, 60 min, for €85

Treat yourself to beautiful, care-free summer feet with LED-light-cured nail polish (NEW!). The treatment includes a foot bath, a cosmetic treatment of the nails and cuticles, gel nail polish (for real nails) cured with LED light, and a silky-smooth lotion.

Spa Pedicure with permanent nail polish, 75 min, for €105

A luxurious pedicure with the finishing touch of LED-light-cured permanent nail polish. The treatment includes a foot bath, removal of hard skin, a cosmetic treatment of the nails and cuticles, gel nail polish cured with LED light, and a foot massage.


A pedicure with a friend, 45 min, for €85 (price for two)

We offer a light, refreshing pedicure for you and a friend. You can enjoy the pampering, carried out by one of our beauticians, in the same room as your friend. The pedicure includes a refreshing foot bath, exfoliation, nail treatment and polish, a foot mask, and a light massage.

Treat yourself to a manicure while enjoying another treatment:
  • * Minimanicure with a light-coloured polish for €10 (included in the treatment time)
  • Express manicure with a light-coloured permanent polish, 40 min, for €50
  • Other beauty treatments that can be booked in connection with your reservation:
    • French manicure or nail art, €15
    • Warm-wax hair removal for the arms, legs, or thighs, €45

Other beauty treatments

When making a reservation for a spa treatment, you can book various other 30-minute treatments too.

Spa facials can be combined with:
  • Eyelash and brow tinting, €15 (included in the treatment time)
  • Eyelash tinting, €10 (included in the treatment time)
  • Eyebrow tinting, €7 (included in the treatment time)
  • Eyebrow shaping + tinting or permanent dyeing of the eyelashes, €25 (an additional 30 min)
  • Permanent dyeing for the eyelashes and eyebrows, €35 (an additional 30 min)
  • Waxing of the facial area, €25
Spa pedicures can be combined with:
  • Warm-wax hair removal for the legs, €45