Information package for clubs part 2

Camps in Vierumäki

The club camp increases community within the club and is great for the opening or closing event of the season. A large part of the training and club camps organized in Vierumäki are carried out in cooperation.

The camps implemented in cooperation are Liberal adult education (vst) training. A camp implemented with the VST model is more affordable for the club than a self-organized camp.

At the VST-camp the club's own instructors are responsible for sports training. Vierumäki pays a fee to the club instructors who participate in the VST-camp. The VST-camp requires a report from the club, for which you can get more detailed information from our customer service. In addition, the VST-camp must be at least over night, with an average of five hours of supervised training per day.

Testing Station

Tests increase knowledge

Our sports test packages help track an athlete’s progress in the physical properties required by their sport. Regular development tracking is crucial in the planning of training programmes, and it also enables necessary corrective actions, for example. On the other hand,
achieving progress in physical properties feeds the athlete’s self-confidence.

Our testing packages are tailored to the meet the unique requirements of each sport, and we offer tried and tested packages for various sports. We develop the test packages jointly with experts from sports federations, clubs and the Sport Institute.

We carry out testing for a wide range of sports and gladly engage in long-term cooperation!

Uinti seuroille muutlajit

Expert lectures for camps

In addition to cheerleading, gymnastics, ice hockey and figure skating, which Vierumäki focuses on, Vierumäki has a lot of different expertise. We tailor professional services and lectures for clubs together with our sports team. So please also ask more about our lectures!

In our team developing our products, there are swimming technical analysts as well as orienteering world champions. So we have opportunities, let's find the content that works for your camp or event together!

athlete testing orienteering half image

Orientation camp

In addition to demanding terrain, Vierumäki offers a wonderful setting for an orientation camp. Versatile training is enabled by e.g. running track in the sports hall, indoor playing courts, gym, swimming pool and in winter, an extensive network of ski trails.

Currently ready tracks in the terrain:

Muterlampi 1:10000 (large tick flags). Ready-made middle-distance tracks of 3.8 km and 5.1 km

Terrisuo fixed ticks 1:10000 (large tick flags)

Vierusprint 3.2 km 1:4000 (small check marks), map updated 8/2022

Fixed-point maps and ready-made exercises can be purchased from Urheiluhalli and the Outdoor Center.

Q&A Camps