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Welcome to Finland’s largest sports campus!

Vierumäki, just over an hour’s drive from the Helsinki metropolitan area, hosts Finland’s largest sports campus and competence centre. The Finnish Sports Institute organises vocational training and liberal education in the field of sports in Vierumäki. The Institute cooperates closely with Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, which offers education leading to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in sports on the same campus.

In Vierumäki, your study path can start with basic degree training and continue all the way up to the Master’s level. Join us on our way to the top!

Koulutus Vierumäellä

Training at the Finnish Sports Institute

The Finnish Sports Institute is a national training centre for sports. The Sports Institute organises professional degree training in sports, as well as various short courses, seminars and further training.

We organise Finnish-language degree training for the following degrees:      

  • Basic degree in physical education - Sports assistant

  • Vocational degree in physical education and coaching, specialisation in physical activity – Sports assistant (vocational degree)

  • Vocational degree in physical education and coaching, specialisation in coaching – coach

  • Vocational degree in sports facilities – sports facility attendant

  • Specialised vocational training in sports facilities – sports facility supervisor

  • Specialised vocational training in coaching

We also organise sports leadership training and massage therapist training.

Muu koulutus

Custom training for target groups

We customise our degree training according to the needs of our customers and working life. It’s also possible to complete just parts of a degree!

We organise training in children’s physical activities, adult sports, coach training at different levels, sports management and the development of sports club activities.

International training

In the field of sports facilities, we also arrange short further training for international customers. Check out our training opportunities here: [Links to product pages with texts in Finnish and English]

Get in touch

We aim to expand the range of our international training activities in the future. If you are interested in planning training for your specific needs, please contact the Student Affairs Office at
+358 45 7884 2891

Emilia Rantanen, International coordinator
+358 45 7884 2558


Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences Vierumäki campus training

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences’ Vierumäki campus organises Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Open UAS education in sports for the needs of working life. In addition, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences provides the opportunity to study in English in the international Degree Programme in Sports Coaching and Management.

Check out the study opportunities offered by the Haaga-Helia Vierumäki campus by clicking here.

Get in touch
+358 400 230 407

Noora Viljanen, International coordinator
+358 29 447 1394

Our training activities are based on the Vierumäki values, which we have defined together

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We encourage our students to work towards their goals, to learn from their mistakes and successes, and to take responsibility for their studies. All our activities aim at the students’ graduation and success.


We are positive and solution-oriented. We inspire learning and get excited ourselves. We take care of our own and each other’s well-being and condition.


We make responsible choices and respect the nature around us. We encourage our students to follow our example and support the students’ learning process by making use of the abundance of the surrounding nature.


Following tradition, we support our students on their way to becoming professionals as a part of the Vierumäki team. We enable healthy nutrition, adequate rest, developmental free time and a study-life balance.