Contact details

Contact details

Sales service
Call charge €0.49/min incl. VAT 24 %
Enquiries about holidays
Enquiries by sports clubs
Enquires about recreation days and meetings

Executive team

Marko Hiltunen
Chief Operating Officer
Jukka Tiikkaja
Chief Operating Officer – education, sports and exercise
Paavo Leinonen
Property Manager and CPO
Mia Sinelampi
Director, HR and Sustainability


Mia Sinelampi
Director, HR and Sustainability
Leena Kokkonen
HR and Employment Specialist


Student Affairs Office
Student certificates, application, general student affairs
Annika Sirviö
Student counsellor
Pekka Nikulainen
Sports knowledge community, coach
Marko Viitanen
Sports knowledge community, coach
Anna Tiikkaja
Education Coordinator


Mika Nurminen
Training in the field of sports facilities
Paavo Heinonen
Outdoor sports training
Tero Kyrkko
Basic degree in physical education
Liisa Lattu
Health sports, well-being
Ilkka Aho
Children’s sports training
Pertti Pohjola
Sports club, organisational and leadership training

Study support

Heidi Vironen
Special education teacher
Iita Riihilahti

Skill Managers

Jere Vasarainen
Football, futsal and floorball
Heidi Borg
Figure skating, gymnastics and cheerleading

Marketing and communication

Sanna Partanen
Marketing Director
Maria Ijäs
Digital Marketing Designer
Satu Kotilainen